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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Greasy fun at the DC Fair (or "How did that piece of Bloomin' Onion get in your hair?")

Miles, Dave, Brian, Paul and I (Robert) finally harvested some grease and oil from the Dixie Classic Fair yesterday morning. Miles drove his F350 witn a 300 gallon tank in the back, and we probably filled it just over halfway.
We got a slightly slow start, but once we sucked as much grease as we could from the first few barrels, we had worked out a system, and attacked the subsequent barrels with the ferocity of a race team pit crew. As we arrived at each new barrel, I jumped out of the back of the truck, grabbed the pump, passed the outlet nozzle back up to Dave and shoved the intake into a barrel, Brian grabbed the electrical cables, and made sure the two contacts were safely apart, Miles connected the leads to the battery, and pumping began. While we did this, Paul tried hastily to clean up any grease spills (spilled by food vendors with bad aim, not by us), and scouted out the next barrel we needed to focus on.
We managed to pump grease and oil from at least 6 barrels this way, and identified other barrels that would need attention soon. (Some are not within easy driving distance with the truck, so we relieve the strain on those by placing new barrels in those locations.)
After nearly an hour and a half of greasy work, we were satisfied that we'd collected as much as possible, and had provided relief for barrels that were filling rapidly. Attention shifted to how to remove the layers of grease from our hands before we frightened any of the non-grease-mongering public.
We haven't yet analyzed the grease we collected, but it looks like it could be great stuff!


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