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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Who was that greasy looking guy on the news last night...

Fox 8 News came out yesterday afternoon to get some footage of our final collection day for the Dixie Classic Fair grease. I managed to appear in my "grease-monger disquise" for about a half second, and Brian Hill got a few moments to tell everyone about how our group is moving into an exciting new era in which we can take on large projects like the DC Fair. (Unfortunately Fox 8 cut most of the great information Brian shared regarding reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and the hope of "carbon neutrality" where our fuel releases only as much carbon dioxide as the plant it was derived from absorbed, but that's show biz.)

Although the afternoon soon slipped into a rainy, cold, miserable night, we filled every available inch of hauling space with oil containers, and hauled off an estimated 1500 gallons of oil and grease! (I found the trick was to concentrate on the hot shower to follow and not the grease under my fingernails, nor the cold, wet hair which had escaped from my pony tail and was now stuck to my face.)

We also saw Ken Bennett, the official WFU photographer, and a Winston-Salem Journal reporter, who will help record this momentous event for posterity. (Check out the photo above of Dave Anderson, filling the 264 gallon tote, me shoving the hose into the barrel, and Brian Hill smiling at the smooth, golden stuff entering the tote. Photo is courtesy of Ken Bennett.)

This time, our tasks changed a little, as we not only had to pump stuff out of the barrels, we also had to wrestle the partially full barrels over to the massive 30 foot long flatbed truck to haul them away. Our roles started out much the same as last time, with the addition of Brian and Paul hauling and hoisting the barrels onto the flatbed as they were emptied enough to move. Once we filled our 264 gallon tote, Paul manned the crane on the flatbed truck, Brian and Dave hauled barrels to the truck while Miles and Robert pumped as much out of the overfilled barrels into empty barrels as possible.

3 hours and 700-800gallons later, we were cold and wet, but went home knowing that we had done a good job, and would soon be able to move on to creating a bunch of biodiesel!


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At 9:43 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Well, it was Fox news... but I was pretty impressed with the segue from the price gouging story!

So, does it look like rain this Sunday? I may opt to not wash my clothes, so they retain their water proof qualities. :-p


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