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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fair oil filtered and ready for reaction/barrels ready for collection.

Brian and I successfully de-gunked and cleaned four collection barrels, and filtered about 300 liters of oil from the Fair. One more session of filtering (there is still at least one more large tote with clear, well-settled oil at the top) and we'll have at least half of a large tote (1000 liters) ready for reaction. Hopefully Asa Gray can haul it to our reaction facility with some help, and that will cover the next several reactions.
Brian and I also washed four barrels, and dumped the gunk from them into a single barrel, so that we can eventually skim more oil from the top, dispose of the water, and use the solid matter to fuel our future oil and scrap burner to heat the oil we filter. I used clear silicone to seal the edge around the bucket on two of the barrels and brought them to my house. I will talk to the restauranteurs that we had courted previously, and get permission to deliver them to them next week. Hopefully we'll be able to convince them to go ahead and break their contracts with the rendering companies and use our drums for oil disposal instead.

Using a galvanized steel bar left over from my fence, we were able to setup a very easy to use filtering setup that went very well. I left a 5 micron filter bag in the 1000 liter tote, as well as the pump, heater and some other equipment. Asa Gray mentioned he might go up to the shop tomorrow or Tuesday, so all of this equipment will be there waiting for whoever goes to filter and prepare oil.
We looked at the totes outside the shop as well and realized that several of them were almost completely water, with only a very thin layer of oil at the top, so we dumped these out in an inconspicuous spot where there was already no grass. Three of the restaurant totes outside were okay, and we filtered these for SVO. (Let's decide what the value of the oil is and we'll put this into the pot.)
Lots of success this weekend! Assuming all goes well with the restaurants this week, we'll have to get more barrels from the shop and deliver them to the additional restaurants. (We currently have four or five that agreed to give us oil, although they haven't seen us since before the fair, and haven't broken their existing grease contracts.)
I'll have a draft of an oil contract for the restaurants and the big suppliers soon.


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