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Monday, January 23, 2006

Who knew that Google Answers would have information?
I don't really understand the motivation of the original poster (who is trying to pay for information on what species of kelp produce the most oil, even though research has shown that microalgae are much more prolific), but there are some decent suggestions about algal species that outperform others. It appears that the species I included before, Tetraselmis sueica, and another one, P. tricornutum, were the best producers, according to research posted on Oops! The link to the article doesn't work, and I can't find where the article is on their site. Oh well. This was cited by the Google Answers page below.

Here is the Google answers page.

I'll keep chipping away at this... All of you WFU Biofuels folks, let me know in which direction this needs to be focussed in order for us to be able to get an algal farm up as soon as possible. (Species names? Growing techniques? Cost estimates?)


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