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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Oil update

Just back from checking the bins at the Dixie Classic Fair. We had a bit of a SNAFU this morning as I hadn't gotten all the ammonium resin out of the big tank. We dropped off some extra oil collection tanks, so everything should be okay as far as our responsibilities to collect oil.

After getting back, I took the tank over to the Chemistry department and the Shaman and I tried to figure out how to clean the tank goo out. It looks a bit more difficult than expected. Soap doesn't touch it, acetone, methanol and ethanol don't do too well with it, and toluene is marginal. Petroleum ether does a good job, as does cooking oil, so we thought that gasoline might be the best solvent. We'll give that a try this afternoon. It might be good to pressure wash the tank as well. I've ordered the MSDS sheet and will take a look. As we're going to be getting 20 of these big tanks, we'll need to find some easy way to deal with the contents!


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